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Stressed Dogs: Where Can You Send Them When They Need to Relax?

Dogs, just like humans, have five different senses. However, unlike us, some of their senses are quite stronger than the rest. For our dogs, studies showed that their sense of smell is the most acute of their senses, making them helpful in tracking undetectable gases, toxic substances, and even missing persons. Bloodhounds and German shepherds are examples of these dog breeds that have a highly developed olfactory sense. It’s all good when our dogs remain healthy all the time, however, when they are bothered by extraneous stressors, you need to find ways to keep them relaxed. If you want to know where you can probably send them to have a relaxing time, you can look here.

Signs that tell you your dog is stressed out 

One of the most common signs that your dog is stressed is if they keep on shaking or pacing. If you see them roll incessantly in the grass or shake themselves after taking a bath, these might be common. However, if you catch them doing these in certain situations, like visiting the vet or after encountering a stressful event, chances are, they are stressed.

Aside from that, intensified barking or whining can also be a sign of stress. These acts mean that your dog is calling your attention or simply soothing himself. If you also see them licking, drooling, or yawning for a prolonged period, that means they may be nervous.

Aside from these, here are other signs that your dog needs to chill and relax:

  • Dilated pupils and rapid blinking: When dogs open their eyes more widely, showing more of their sclera, they’re showing that they’re startled.
  • Relaxed ears pinned back against the dog’s head: This also shows that your dog is afraid or feel threatened about something.
  • Body posture changes: If your healthy dog shifts all of their weight to their rear legs and starts to cower, then they may be stressed. The same goes when they become too rigid and tuck their tails.
  • Shedding: Dogs that “blow their coat” or shed more than normal when caught in a certain event or circumstance may be anxious dogs, too.

If you also catch your dogs panting or showing rapid bodily changes, then that’s a sign that they’re stressed and need some time to relax. If you’re curious as to where you can send them during these times, you can look here and decide.

Resort for pets: Is it a good idea? 

When you get stressed and feel like the toxicity of your environment is eating you, the best thing to do is to drop everything and go on a vacation, right? A grand vacation getaway can help you reset and recharge. The same is true for your pets. When you see your dog exhibiting behaviours mentioned above, why not send them to a pet resort to give them some time to mingle and have fun with their fellow dogs?

A fantastic holiday is what these pet boarding homes and pet retreat houses offer. They usually have amenities, like play areas, exercise yards, hydro baths, and suites, which will ensure your pet’s luxury vacation experience. If you want more information about the services they offer, you can look here.

If you ask whether or not sending your dog to a pet resort is a good idea, the plain and downright answer to that question is yes! It will be the perfect place for them to unwind before they go back home and start living as man’s best friend again.

If you’re interested to send your pets to a pet resort, check out Acacia Ridge Pet Resort today.